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We are launching a brand new student brand ambassador campaign with hi and we’re on the hunt for savvy, entrepreneurial students to join our team. The role is a part-time summer role starting in August with the potential of carrying on throughout the academic year. As a hi brand ambassador, you will be creating and executing unique marketing campaigns across your campus, promoting hi, acquiring new users and increasing brand awareness to the student market! Unlike working in a bar, you have the flexibility to choose when to work! Earn great money, big bonuses and enhance your CV with this exciting new student role! We need passionate, ambitious, forward thinking people who know how to engage and sell this new concept to others. If you’ve got a social following and love spreading the word of something you are passionate about, look no further!


About hi

“Banking is necessary, Banks are not” – Steve Jobs “Bitcoin with Benefits” hi is an up-and-coming digital banking platform, it promises to change the way banking is conducted on a mass scale. hi Dollars (hi’s cryptocurrency), described by its users as “Bitcoin with Benefits”, promises instant transactions with no fees and added rewards for investment through hi’s platform. Currently, in phase 1 of development, its referral programme is now live with $3Bn USD in hi Dollars put aside for early adopters of the new cryptocurrency! A high profile and trustworthy cryptocurrency, hi Dollars are backed by blockchain technology, a type of ledger technology – independent of all parties – that logs transactions irreversibly. This is the same technology behind big cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum! …So what sets hi Dollars apart from these other cryptocurrencies? hi utilises popular messaging services like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Telegram to make banking streamlined and intuitive. hi Dollars are the cryptocurrency that powers the membership to hi, allowing members to earn interest and gain various lifestyle benefits based on the amount of hi dollars they have accrued.


The perks

hi has the potential to be a household name. But we need YOU to help us get there!
You put the work in, but what do you get for it? Well quite a bit actually:
  • Generous wage plus bonuses and amazing incentives.
  • Increase your circle – other students, other masters/ambassadors it’s all about networking
  • Full training – We’ll train you up on marketing, social media and branding.
  • Up your skills – in a world full of graduates you’ll want to stand out.
  • The chance to develop marketing initiatives to promote hi.
  • Free hi dollars! Not only a chance to make money, but also be an early adopter in a project that has the potential to be huge!

The ideal candidate

  • An Interest in finance and crypto
  • Strong social media presence
  • Confidence and reliability
  • Good student connections
  • Creativeness
  • Entrepreneurial spirit

Key responsibilities

  • Utilising Social media channels to promote hi
  • Developing marketing initiatives to promote hi and drive referrals
  • Assist with on-Campus Promotion

  • My top tip is 'Little and often' - staying in the loop with regular updates and also making the most of the opportunity to tailor work to your own strengths and interests. For example, if you're super social media savvy, use that, or if you're a born socialite and event planner use that etc...

    Chalrie, University of Leeds

  • Best thing about being a student ambassador is the ability to fit working around uni work and other events, getting a couple of hours done here and there allows both to fit together really well. My tips would be to get involved with societies and organisations already set up on campus and get along to as many event, big or small as possible.

    Sam, University of Glasgow

  • You put in the hours that you can, when you can. It's also been great having the chance to learn more about how marketing campaigns are run, otherwise have known little about!

    Connie, University of Bath

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