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Why attend fresher’s fairs?


Why attend fresher’s fairs?


Students, by their very definition, are at a stage in life where they are absorbing everything around them. Developing knowledge, forming opinions and branching out into real life where they never had to before. This makes it a unique marketing opportunity for brands to introduce themselves, and clever management of this opportunity can mean that a student stays brand loyal well past their graduation.


When heading off to university there are certain things which are at the top of every student’s tick list; novelty shot glasses, list of local happy hours, dates of their university’s fresher’s fairs. Every savvy student knows that if they want enough pens to last them until their end of year exams, and enough condoms to last until the end of fresher’s week, then the fresher’s fairs are the place to go.


So in terms of the management of this key marketing opportunity a full service student marketing agency could give your fresher’s fairs campaign the edge it needs to stand out at these packed out events.

With over 100 events to choose from, running a fershers campaign (big or small) could be a daunting thought. Funnily enough, that’s where we come in…


So how can we help?


Campus Industries has over 15 years’ experience in the management of innovative fresher’s fair tours for big names such as Smirnoff, The Economist and LG to name just a few. In that time, we have learnt what sort of activity gets brands noticed, which university’s fresher’s fairs are the best to book onto and what freebies the students actually want (and it’s not just pens and condoms).


From getting creative with the ideas for activation and stand design, management of the build and sourcing collateral, booking in fresher’s fairs and finding the best student representatives, we do it all!


We have managed the Lucozade Zero fresher’s marketing campaign for three years now with the tour growing bigger every year. When Lucozade first approached us back in 2014 they wanted activation which was going to pull students in and get them to not only sample the product but engage with the brand.


Our in house creative team came up with “Hit zero for Lucozade Zero” We developed a game that tested people’s reactions to stop the clock exactly on zero – see it in action here. This chimed with the purpose of the product, an energy drink to improve speed and reactions, and the name of the product.


September is fast approaching but there’s still plenty of time to put an amazing fresher’s marketing campaign together for your brand. With our creative minds and in house design and build team we can have concept and kit ready for events in a matter of weeks. Get in touch for a chat now about how we can introduce you to the student market at the very beginning of their brand journey.

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