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Trends change quickly with the times, but here’s our top student marketing trends to try right now! After the buzz of Freshers dies down what can you do to keep your campaign rolling…



Should your company be involved in student marketing?

A combination of student loans and grants, part time jobs, and donations from parents and family allows students to contribute an estimated £20 billion to the UK economy every year.

Fresher’s Fairs – How to Target Over a Million Students in 3 Weeks

Students, by their very definition, are at a stage in life where they are absorbing everything around them. Developing knowledge, forming opinions and branching out into real life where they never had to before.

How we help apps top the charts and keep users

The biggest strength of the campaign, and what really drove its success, was the fact that we weren’t just focused on downloads; we wanted people using the app and becoming Circle fans for life.

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