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To compliment our LG freshers tour we created the most “Awesome” competition we’ve ever ran – 5 Days of Awesome


Every time a student bough an LG Q6 they would go in to a weekly draw where the winner would get £5000 cash, with one catch…they had to blow it all in 5 days!


We sent along a camera crew with each winner to capture their crazy 5 days to help produce digital content to promote the competition from week to week. We had winners travel Europe to see the Blue Lagoon and gigs, as well as the ultimate house party with bouncers, bar staff and VIP transport. Each winners video provided us with promotional content and every time we release the winners video the completion grew and grew.


We use our own network and partnered with UniLad, The Student Room and 20 Student Unions too help get the promotion in front of as many students as possible. Our launch video had over 2 million views 👀



  • Launch video with over 5 million views
  • 8 winners of the ‘5 Days of Awesome’ competition
  • Promotional online content with over 2 million impressions


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